Homes For Sale

With the spread of online sites for real estate listings, the role of a realtor has changed in many ways. We were very impressed with the fact that Whitney and team have adapted incredibly well to the "new world", and so did a great job with: - driving selling agents to arrange showings of houses very rapidly to meet our tight schedule - suggesting parameters and refinements for our online searches - dragging critical details out of selling agents - quickly interfacing with colleagues and sources to get detailed information about schools, neighborhoods, construction/remodeling methods - Both before and after closing, finding high-quality service providers very rapidly - bankers, painters, electricians (less than 60 minutes from a call to Whitney on a SUNDAY until very good electrician in the house - AFTER closing of the sale), furnace installers, etc, and when needed, doing the full interface with these providers - Understanding our needs in terms of price, contingencies, and pre-closing repairs and working with a distressed seller to get us exactly what we wanted. In addition, I found it incredibly useful and cost-effective to work with a realtor who has "dirty hands" - Whitney is the first realtor I have worked with who has built houses, remodeled houses, and repaired pretty much anything. Makes it FAR easier to get rid of the risky or marginal properties, and to estimate costs involved with the right properties. Bottom line: Whitney and his team got the job done, using their skills, contacts, and resources to interface with the online tools in the best possible manner. They are not resistant to the changes in the industry; on the contrary, they are doing a terrific job of providing much deeper and faster service as a result.

- Llew Keltner