Homes For Sale

I was a first time home buyer and was really looking some expert advise in what this process entails. I was highly recommended by some friends to talk to real estate agent Cindy Somsanith at Farrell & Associates to help me out. I was looking for a home in or near the North Portland area of St. Johns where her realtor office is located near. I have to say that she was a true blessing, from her knowledge of the business, the process, the area to look, and any other questions I had involving really buying and owning a home. I really appreciated in how far willing and honest she was in helping me on my search and extremely long list of wants in a home. This was a big point in my life and she understood that. Cindy took my wish list and by the next day had a long list of homes for me to look thru. From to sell homes, undeveloped lots and foreclosures. I saw them all. Throughout this process, I think we must of looked at about 30 homes all over the Portland area (yes I am a picky person :). But thru all of this, Cindy's patience never wavered and not once did I ever fell the pressure form her to buy something that I was not fully comfortable with. This really made me feel like I was doing the right thing.

After about 2 months search, I had found my perfect first home. A foreclosed short sale property, that was actually very close to a friend of mine. There are a lot of horror stories out there about short sales but I have to say that Cindy informed me in all the details and I once never questioned that she could get it done and I would have my very first home that I had been patiently waiting for. After about a month of Cindy dealing with the seller and banks, I was finally able to sign and receive my keys to my very first home. Since that day I have not once questioned my decision to buy MY first home :)

I'd like to say thank you to everyone at Farrell & Associates and especially Cindy & Jeff in being such great people helping me achieve that "American Dream".

- Boom P.