Many real estate firms can help you buy or sell a property. But renting out a property? Or having properties for rent? That’s where their services stop. In keeping with our mantra of being a true full-service real estate firm, Farrell Realty is proud to offer professional property management services. Property management allows us to serve our clients throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle.

For Property Owners

Whether you are just purchasing your first investment property, have a handful of rentals, or you’re a full-time property investor, Farrell Realty can handle the many intricacies of managing your Portland rental property.

And when you’re ready to purchase more property or sell the ones you have, you’ll have an established relationship with a trusted professional at your service.

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For Renters

If you’re not quite ready to purchase your first home, and still need help finding a great rental, we’re here for you. We work with many trusted and fair property owners throughout Portland and the surrounding areas. We always have exclusive access to some of the best rental properties in the area.

Even better, when you are ready to dive in and purchase your first home, you’ll already have someone at your side whom you know and trust.

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