Arbor Lodge

All About Arbor Lodge

Arbor Lodge is a perfect fit for people seeking community, an easy commute, and a great place to call home. This quiet, traditional neighborhood has plenty of green space to offer its residents. Harper’s Playground and Arbor Lodge Park are beautiful, well cared for parks where people gather to play, picnic, and relax. In Arbor Lodge, you'll find cozy Portland bungalows and older homes in the process of being restored to their former beauty. Arbor Lodge is tucked next to its larger, busier neighbor Overlook, and shares many of the same river views, including the high, wooded ridge of the West Hills.

It is urban yet peaceful, within walking distance of public transportation, shops, grocery stores, and locally owned coffee shops. The neighborhood is bordered by freeways and thoroughfares that offer quick access to downtown Portland and I-5 without encroaching on Arbor Lodge's tranquil streets.