All About Piedmont

Portland is also known as the City of Roses—not because the plants are native to the region, but because the sweet, hardy blooms thrive in the valley's mild climate. Piedmont is home to Peninsula Park, one of the oldest parks in the Northwest, which features rows and rows of roses that helped earn Portland its flowery title.

A leisurely jaunt through this vintage suburb reveals its proximity to Mississippi, Boise-Eliot, Alberta, and Kenton neighborhoods. The mix of grand, Old Portland Craftsmans and modest, tidy homes offers a welcoming feel.

Access to MAX, Portland Community College and thriving businesses on both Interstate and Martin Luther King avenues offer access to much of North Portland’s more modern amenities. Students, sightseers, families, horticulturists, and artists love Piedmont for its nostalgic charm and high walk score—and over it all, the lingering, summery scent of blooming roses.