Selling Your Portland Area Home

Selling your home tugs on your heartstrings. Your home has been your vessel for passage, keeping you safe so as to allow your life to unfold in the most spectacular of ways. You cling to these memories, so they won’t go away. The thought of someone else occupying the space that has been sacred to you is, at best, difficult to comprehend. Yet, you want all that was good in your home to be shared with the new as they walk their own path and build their own memories.

We have been around through good times and hard times and we have maintained our position as an integral member of the North Portland Community. We understand how important your home is, the subtleties of each individual neighborhood and how what is happening today and tomorrow to your neighborhood will affect your home.

Skill, Reputation & Commitment

Our time-tested and rightly-earned reputation of being the neighborhood experts comes from our brokers, who together have over 200 years of living and selling real estate in North Portland and our commitment to the community. This allows us to accurately determine the optimum value of your home, which allows you to get the most for your home in the shortest amount of time. Our agents will guide you in preparing your home for sale so we can highlight all the features that you have come to love. We will develop a customized marketing plan tailored specifically to showcase your home and all the best features.

Our agents will skillfully identify and negotiate the best offer possible and keep the transaction on track through inspections, appraisals, and escrow activities to result in a timely and successful close. It takes a village to sell a house. Come be part of ours.


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