Our Farrell Realty North Portland Little League Team

As a group of people that lives and works right in the heart of North Portland, it’s very important to all of us at Farrell Realty that we give back to our neighbors and the people we work with. We’ve been sponsoring Little League in North Portland since 1980. North Portland Little League is a way to bring the community together and help kids learn important skills, which is why we’ve been supporting the program for so long.

North Portland Little League

Farrell Realty used to sponsor Willamette Little League. Since it has recently merged with Interstate Kenton Little League, we now sponsor the new North Portland Little League team. We’re excited about having a league that’s just for the North Portland community.

Opening day was just a couple of weeks ago, and it was great. We had hot dogs and other food, and the kids all had a great time. We’re also looking forward to team pictures, which are coming up this weekend. And we always have a great end-of-the-season picnic, including food and fun activities for the kids (like dunk tanks and throwing pies at the coaches).

North Portland Little League

The minor teams practice twice a week and also have two games a week—on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. All of the games are played in our North Portland parks. It’s no small time commitment for the kids’ parents, and we love all the parental support the teams get. Most of the dads played Little League themselves, so it’s something they want their children to experience as part of a well-rounded childhood.

North Portland Little League might have a competitive environment, but it’s also a really fun environment. The Farrell team has an amazing coach, Andrew Kaptur, this year. He is so positive and does a great job encouraging the kids to do their best. All the coaches and assistants are volunteers, so we really appreciate all the time they give to our kids.

North Portland Little League

The Farrell Team Marching in the 2015 St. Johns Parade

We’re grateful for the small part we play in helping North Portland Little League succeed. And we’re especially grateful to everyone else who helps make a venture like this succeed. Organizations like this are critical to good communities like ours.