Meet Nikki del Giudice

Nikki del Giudice works as a broker at Farrell Realty. She wants to help get you into just the right home. And she’s the person to do it—as a native and resident of North Portland, she knows all about the area and can help find just the right fit for you. Here’s a little bit more about Nikki.

Nikki del Giudice worked at a bank in college before starting out as a receptionist at the front desk of Farrell Realty eleven years ago. After several years as a receptionist, she decided to get her real estate license, since she was so involved in doing the work anyway. Nikki now works as a broker for Farrell Realty. One of Nikki’s favorite things about her job is that she gets to do so many different kinds of things on any given day. The variety and spontaneity keep her job both fun and interesting.

Nikki is the kind of person who just wants to make friends with her clients. She’s great at prioritizing that friendship and at making sure that people know she cares about them and their families. She loves to visit with clients after they’ve settled into their new homes because it’s rewarding to see them happily living in a new place. Nikki’s thoughtful housewarming gifts (gift certificate to the best local pizza joint, anyone?) are also a favorite among clients.

Nikki has spent most of her life in North Portland, and she’s a diehard. She’ll extol North Portland’s virtues all day long. She says, “It’s a small-town atmosphere in a big city.” This means that you can ask for help and actually get it. And most people in North Portland love animals, so there are a lot of pet shops that cater to those needs. Nikki loves the numerous mom-and-pop shops with interesting merchandise, as well as the historic theater house in St. Johns (where she frequently goes with her family). North Portland is great because it has a variety of things to do and see, and most important, to eat! How many other places have truly delicious vegan restaurants? (She recommends Proper Eats for off-the-charts vegan food, by the way.)

Nikki del Giudice

Nikki and her husband, Stephen, have two children—a one-year-old daughter, Anabeth, and a ten-year-old son, also Stephen. Nikki’s husband, who’s finishing up a degree in accounting and working at Columbia Bank, also grew up in North Portland. In fact, the family is connected to North Portland in just about every way. Nikki bought her grandparents’ home and is now raising her kids in it. She even met Stephen in that same home.

In the summertime Nikki and her family love to be active in the beautiful Oregon outdoors. They do a lot of camping, hiking, and other sports. In the winter, Nikki tries her hand at various crafts. This year she’s making peg dolls for her daughter, so who knows what will be next? The family is also very active in their church, and they spend time doing volunteer work in the community.

If you have any real estate needs, give Nikki a call. She’s easy to talk to (and emphasizes that she’s available any time, day or night) and promises to keep you laughing. And she also really knows her stuff—she’ll do whatever it takes to get you into the right home.