Nikki del Giudice has been with Farrell Realty for over 10 years and is still finding daily inspiration in North Portland’s exciting real estate market. She works hard to help clients close on their dream homes. When she represents a property, she likes to learn everything about it—from the age of the home, to its hidden cabinets and interesting antiques left in the attic. Her clients appreciate her easygoing, fun approach to deals; she’s a laid back ball of energy that never stops moving. She strives to match people with places, and loves the moment when she gets to hand over the keys to a client who’s just purchased their new home. After 25 plus years in North Portland, Nikki knows the ropes and is excited to guide newcomers through the neighborhoods. When she’s not closing deals, Nikki spends her time with her husband and two children, being team-mom for her sons various sports activities, volunteering at her church and with St. Vincent de Paul, or coaxing her friends out for a night on the town in St. Johns.