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North Portland Wellness Center

The North Portland Wellness Center, located on Vancouver Avenue, is a holistic clinic that offers alternative medicine techniques for just about every health concern. The NPWC has acupuncture, chiropractic care, and therapeutic massage to help you manage pain. And the clinic prides itself on its friendly and experienced practitioners. Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you walk into the North Portland Wellness Center.

What The North Portland Wellness Center Treats

The North Portland Wellness Center specializes in treating chronic and acute pain, as well as pain from injuries (car or bicycle accidents and work or sports injuries). The center offers care for the entire family and also focuses on women’s health. So it’s a great place for almost anyone who wants to try alternative approaches to managing pain.


Alternative medicine’s philosophy is that it’s important to treat more than just symptoms. Alternative medicine treats both symptoms and the underlying problems that are causing the symptoms.

This holistic approach includes three stages, which you can read more about at the NPWC website:

  • Relief Care: Relieving pain
  • Rehabilitative Care: Fixing underlying injury or cause of pain
  • Wellness Care: Maintaining improved health


Acupuncture involves inserting very fine, thin needles into the body at certain acupuncture points. Because the needles are so small, acupuncture is not usually painful. It works best with regular treatments, although ideal frequency depends on each person.

In addition to individual treatments, the NPWC offers group acupuncture, which makes the treatment more affordable for participants. Four people rest in comfortable reclining chairs while receiving individualized care and attention. Group acupuncture can actually be a great way to interact with other people.


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care involves a practitioner using his or her hands to make manual adjustments to your body. These can include adjustments to your spinal column, your extremities, and other places on your body. The NPWC also offers Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization to treat conditions like carpal tunnel and tendonitis, amongst other treatment options. For a full list of the chiropractic care NPWC offers, go here.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy at NPWC is designed to restore integrity to your body’s structure, as well as restore muscle function. This includes stretching and movement. It also includes finding trouble spots that keep your body from functioning its best. Massage therapy can achieve specific goals like pain relief, recovery from injury, or better sports performance. It should leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and more aware of your body. Sounds good to us!


The Care You’ll Receive

If you’ve ever gone to a doctor’s office and felt like you didn’t have much say about the kind of treatment you received or like you weren’t being listened to, you’ll appreciate the North Portland Wellness Center’s approach to your care. The NPWC’s website says it best, “At the NPWC, we offer comprehensive treatment in a unique, collaborative environment. With a focus on treating both the symptoms and the underlying cause, we provide effective healthcare in a warm, relaxing environment.” Walking into a relaxing environment is a good beginning!

The center’s skilled practitioners make a point to carefully listen to your needs and concerns. These conversations will help tailor treatment to your needs. You may even receive concurrent care from multiple practitioners. This collaboration is one of the things that makes the North Portland Wellness Center different.

A Great Atmosphere

The North Portland Wellness Center is actually run out of an old home that has been entirely renovated, including many renovations that make the home greener. These environmentally friendly improvements include solar panels, low-flow toilets, and energy-efficient lighting. Go here to see what the home looked like before renovation—a vast improvement if we’ve ever seen one!

The NPWC takes its impact on the environment seriously, and it runs in the most efficient way possible. This includes using recycled office supplies, using corn bags instead of plastic, recycling everything possible, and using glassware for drinks. The NPWC tries to keep its environmental footprint as low as possible, which is something we think is really important here at Farrell Realty.



The NPWC accepts insurance, although you are obviously responsible if an alternative medicine treatment isn’t covered under your healthcare plan. If you pay on the day of your appointment, you’re offered a discount. The NPWC also offers veteran, senior citizen, and student discounts.

Go here for more information about treatment rates and times. And go here for information about accepted insurance plans and billing.

The North Portland Wellness Center

If you have chronic pain or need to recover from a debilitating injury, give the North Portland Wellness Center a shot! Alternative medicine just might be the thing that keeps your body healthy and your sanity intact.

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