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The Playground Gym in North Portland

The Playground Gym (which opened its first location in Northeast Portland seven years ago) just opened its second Portland location right here on Lombard Street. We’re so glad to have another family-friendly activity in our neighborhood. If you haven’t been to the Playground Gym in North Portland yet, here’s everything you’re missing out on.

The new Playground Gym in North Portland is 3,600 square feet (if you’ve been to the original location, this is nearly double the northeast location’s size). The building is divided into two main areas—a Parkour room and a padded room for Jiu Jitsu and open play time.


The Playground Gym in North Portland offers a lot of different kinds of classes, catered to age and interest. All classes include warm-up/stretching, physical conditioning, and skill training. Children learn through noncompetitive but collaborative play with other children. They get to have fun while building essential life skills like fitness, strength, flexibility, creativity, and discipline.

Classes can be joined at any time (as long as there’s room; otherwise, you’ll be put on a waiting list). There’s never a contract or any sign-up fees to worry about, either. It’s just $59/month for one class a week or $79/month for two (with discounts for additional children in the same family). Find a complete class schedule here.

The Playground Gym in North Portland

Image owned by and courtesy of The Playground Gym

Parkour and Freerunning Classes

Parkour classes focus on developing the proper techniques to efficiently adapt to obstacles in one’s environment. Kids learn skills like climbing, balancing, vaulting, and jumping. Additional sections (called Freerunning classes) teach basic acrobatics.

The Playground Gym in North Portland

Image Owned by and Courtesy of The Playground Gym

Martial Arts

Martial arts programs are separated into two groups (ages 4–7 and 7–12). The Playground Gym has a unique philosophy about children’s martial arts. Their martial arts classes allow kids to do what kids do best—play. They’ll have a great time as they learn modern martial arts along with values like respect and politeness from highly-trained coaches.

Movement Classes

There are also movement classes, divided into age groups 1 to 3½ years, 3½ to 5 years, and 5 to 7 years. These focus on teaching kids real skills while they have fun and develop confidence and curiosity about the world.

If any of these classes sound like fun, you get a free trial class—so you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. You can also pay $17 and drop in on any class (as long as there’s enough room).

The Playground Gym in North Portland

Open Play

If you’re not interested in signing up for classes but want to use the Playground Gym in North Portland, open play sessions are a great option. These sessions are open to children from 1 to 12 years old. Kids get to know the gym’s equipment, coaches, and learning environment during this time.

The Playground Gym in North Portland

Image owned by and courtesy of The Playground Gym


Everything at the gym is focused on the power of play. Every study done about children’s play shows that it makes children healthier and happier while also improving behavior, attention span, and memory.

Most playgrounds, though, are an adult’s concept of how children want to play. They involve static objects—but children can be so much more creative and active if they’re given moveable parts to play with. At the Playground Gym in North Portland, everything moves so that kids can make up their own games and engineer their own obstacle courses. This way, they can challenge themselves.

Pricing and Availability

Open play is open to whoever shows up first, and it’s always capped at 25 participants. Open play times vary seasonally, depending on what other classes and activities are going on at the gym.

The cost is $8 for one child, $12 for 2, and $3 for each additional child. Open Play punch cards will get you a 20% savings on the above price.

Summer Camps and Birthday Parties

Camps at the Playground Gym regularly sell out, and all the participants and parents love the entire experience. Each camp focuses on something different, so make sure to check them out next summer (in May, before they sell out).

Also, think about having a birthday party at the Playground Gym in North Portland. The gym has private party options every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Parties last for just under two hours and include 85 minutes of mat time with the coaches. You can also rent the space for special classes, events, and parties.

The Playground Gym in North Portland

The Playground Gym in North Portland Location and Hours

The Playground Gym is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It’s located at 5215 N. Lombard, Suites 3 &4. The Northeast location is open at the same times and is on 505 NE Grand.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the Playground Gym in North Portland! We’re glad they’re around.

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