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Best Portland Plants

Are you itching to see some spring color? So are we! The month of March marks the beginning of spring planting season here in Portland. Because we have such a wet climate, lush greenery and gorgeous flowers thrive in our own backyards. We’ve looked high and low to help you find the perfect flowers, shrubs, and trees for your spring garden. Check out the best Portland plants for your garden this spring.


Flowers not only make us happy, but they add color, variety, and fragrance to your garden. The best Portland plants, like flowers, attract beautiful wildlife that won’t harm your yard. Many varieties of flowers will bring hummingbirds and butterflies—what a great bonus! Here’s a list of flowers that thrive in Portland.


  • Sun or partial shade
  • Low maintenance
  • White fragrant flowers
  • Fast growing

Oregon Bleeding Heart

  • Moist, mostly shady environment
  • Blooms early spring to early summer


  • Full sun
  • Bears white, red, and pink flowers
  • Spring and summer bloom
  • Native wildflower


  • Part sun
  • Pink and white blooms
  • Summer bloom

Shooting Star

  • Shade loving
  • Pink and white flowers
  • Blooms in spring


  • Part sun, shade
  • Variety of colors
  • Spring blooming

Coral Bells

  • Shade
  • Variety of colors
  • Blooms late spring to early summer


  • Full sun
  • Low maintenance
  • Creeping
  • Star shaped flower
  • Blooms early spring to early summer

Baby Blue-Eyes

  • Partial sun
  • Blooms late winter through summer
  • Low maintenance
  • Spreading

Peace Tea Rose

  • Full sun
  • Blooms late spring to early fall
  • Pink and yellow roses

Oregon Anemone

  • Full, moist shade
  • Blue, purple and multicolored varieties
  • Blooms early spring through summer


Shrubs add another level of dimension to your garden or yard. They can be used for privacy, and a lot of shrubs have gorgeous blooms. Some of the best Portland plants, including shrubs, provide delicious fruit. Many will stay green year-round. Try planting a few of these shrubs in your garden this spring!


  • Partial shade
  • Wide variety of colors and types
  • Blooms mid-summer through fall


  • Full sun
  • Needs good drainage
  • Prune in spring


  • Partial shade
  • Variety of colors
  • Low maintenance
  • Blooms April through mid-May


  • Full sun, partial sun, shade
  • Wide varieties with clusters of flowers
  • Blooms in June through the first frost

Oregon Grapeholly

  • Full shade
  • Yellow blooms and blue fruits in spring
  • Evergreen

Evergreen Huckleberry

  • Shade or sun
  • Grows to 15 feet
  • Ripe fruit between September and November

Lewis Mock Orange

  • Full sun to partial shade
  • White blooms with orange blossom scent
  • Late spring to early summer


Planting a tree is a long-term investment, but it’s well worth the wait. Be sure to check here for tree restrictions within Portland before planting. After deciding which tree is right for you, take advantage of the season and get your saplings started. Here are a few trees to consider planting in Portland this year.


  • Shade tree
  • 10 to 30 feet tall
  • Spring blooming
  • Fall color


  • Spring blooming
  • Fall harvest
  • 6 to 35 feet tall, depending on the variety


  • Sun loving
  • Does not bloom


  • Plant in early spring
  • Produces in two to four years
  • Blooms early spring


  • Shade tree
  • Up to 50 feet depending on variety
  • Fall color

Douglas Fir

  • Yard tree
  • Slow growing
  • 100 feet at full maturity
  • Attracts wildlife

We hope you feel inspired to beautify your outdoor space and get out in the garden. If you’d like more information on any of these plants or trees, click on the links to see pictures and planting instructions. Or visit a local nursery; they’re always a wonderful source to help you find the best Portland plants. Many even offer workshops. Check out a list of great nurseries in Portland here. A few near us are Marbotts Greenhouse & Nursery and Roots Garden Supply. Happy planting!

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