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The Best North Portland Yoga Studios

If you need a novel way to unwind after a busy day, there are some great North Portland yoga studios that could be just the ticket. Each has a unique atmosphere and different workshops and activities, so try them all! Read about two traditional and two hot North Portland yoga studios that might be the perfect fit for you.

North Portland Yoga

North Portland Yoga

Image owned by and courtesy of North Portland Yoga

North Portland Yoga LogoNorth Portland Yoga gives you a retreat from busy city life. Its studio is an old, re-purposed industrial building that’s right next to a train yard. Its tall ceilings, large windows, and wide, airy spaces provide the tranquil space you need to really immerse yourself in yoga.

The studio’s teachers cater to a wide variety of needs and experience levels. There’s a class for you, even if you’re a beginner or have been doing yoga for years. And if you’re dealing with an injury, North Portland Yoga’s teachers can help you find a way to be comfortable and work on healing your injury at the same time. The studio also has donation-based classes so that everyone who is interested in yoga can participate.

For class schedules, detailed class descriptions, and registration information, visit northportlandyoga.com.


ShantiOm Yoga


ShantiOm North Portland Yoga

Image owned by and courtesy of ShantiOm

ShantiOm Yoga welcomes everyone who is interested in yoga by creating a space where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Many of ShantiOm’s teachers also share meditation and chanting exercises (and maybe even some philosophy) during yoga classes.

And if you really love yoga, ShantiOm is now accepting applications for its 200+ hour teacher training program. This program will help you learn how to teach Hatha Yoga using the Integral Yoga method. Instruction includes core postures, breathing exercises, and meditation and chants.

ShantiOm also offers natural healing treatments, including Ayurveda and massages. The studio’s owner offers seasonal Ayurveda workshops for those who are interested in specific healing treatments.

To learn more about ShantiOm’s yoga classes and natural healing offerings, check out shantiom.com.


Firelight Yoga

Firelight North Portland Yoga

Image owned by and courtesy of Firelight Yoga

Firelight North Portland YogaFirelight Yoga (also known as FLY) is a hot North Portland yoga studio (which means the yoga rooms are radiantly-heated). There are some benefits to hot yoga. First, heat makes your body more pliable, making it easier to move more with less risk of injury. Some also believe that sweating helps rid your body of toxins. FLY also offers warm classes with no radiant heat involved.

FLY also offers workshops on things like Ayurveda, panic attacks, and sleep solutions. These are discounted for members who have an annual membership or are on monthly auto-pay. Additionally, FLY has a monthly acupuncture session and a new yoga class for kids who are 5–10 years old.

FLY’s introductory special gives you 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $25. If you have a friend or family member who is interested in FLY, they can attend a free class on any Thursday. Learn more at firelightyogadpx.com.

Hot Yoga for Life

Hot Yoga For Life - North Portland Yoga

Image owned by and courtesy of Hot Yoga For Life

Hot Yoga for Life (HYFL) also offers hot North Portland yoga. HYFL’s classes focus primarily on poses, combined with some breathing exercises and some meditation (which may vary widely depending on your teacher). HYFL also offers a variety of workshops if you’re interested in learning more about a particular topic.

HYFL seeks to make its community (creating a yoga community is one of HYFL’s goals) affordable. HYFL offers a $99 unlimited monthly membership, which can be canceled at any time. The studio also has an awesome 10 classes for $10 introductory offer just for students—you can’t beat $1 a class! The studio has an additional location in Beaverton. Check HYFL out at hotyogaforlife.com.

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