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We had a blast at our 11th annual pumpkin giveaway. It’s one of our favorite days of the year, honestly. It’s so much fun to see everybody in their costumes. We had a great turnout—it was fun to see old faces and some new ones, too. 

The pumpkins were much bigger this year because of the warmer fall we’ve had, so we didn’t have as many pumpkins as we normally do. We bought a carload full of extras from the grocery store to make sure we had enough. The store was out of little pumpkins, so we got some pie pumpkins for the toddlers and little ones. We gave away about 150 pumpkins, and it’s the first year we’ve ever run out! We often have a few left to donate to a local school.

The face painting is always a hit, and there was always a line for that. You can see some of the handiwork in the pictures below.

We were grateful for the cooperative weather! It started pouring about an hour after we ended. We were happy to be warm and dry the entire time. We sent people to the St. Johns business district since they had a trick-or-treating event right after ours—we hope people didn’t get too wet!

Thanks to everyone who joined us! It was great to see you and your kids. Can’t wait to do it again next year.


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