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New North Portland Restaurants

It’s no joke that Portland is a foodie’s paradise, and North Portland is no exception. The number of unique, innovative, and delicious restaurants in the area continues to grow, which means that if you’re hungry, you’re bound to be near a great new spot to eat. Don’t expect any of these new North Portland restaurants to serve you familiar food. These joints offer unusual foods and artistic cuisines, and none will break the bank. We’ve rounded up seven of the best new North Portland restaurants that are sure to satiate your chow-craving desires.


25 North Fremont St.
(503) 206-6421

Got a hankering for south-of-the-border fare? Chalino is a “Mexican-inspired” new North Portland restaurant where you can get your fix. Described unabashedly by the owners as “inauthentic,” the menu includes some unexpected items—but not so unexpected that you’ll turn away. If you like ceviche, order Chalino’s halibut version, which comes with bitter orange, habanero, watermelon radish, shiso, and chia seeds.

The Jamaica House

8307 N Ivanhoe St.
(503) 462-9710

Jamaican cuisine means flavor-packed dishes, and The Jamaica House in St. Johns packs a flavor punch. Jerk chicken? Check. Curried goat? Double check. You can’t go wrong with this Caribbean-spiced menu—and make sure to order a side of rice and beans!

Pizza Creature

7316 N Lombard St.
(503) 616-5552

Wood-fired pizza is like a holy grail for many PDX foodies. If you’re one of these crusaders, the Pizza Creature food cart is the place get your fix. Try the zesty Margherita, meaty pepperoni, or “cheesy” vegan options. The crust alone is like a religious experience.


2103 N Killingsworth St.
(503) 954-3601

The Overlook neighborhood is home to Spitz, a new North Portland restaurant that showcases Mediterranean street food, a movement that’s catching like wildfire. Ordering döner gets you Turkish-inspired wraps filled with veggies and minced beef, lamb, chicken, or falafel. Or you can try one of the many dishes that swaps out the wrap for fries.


4090 N Williams Ave
(503) 841-5373

XLB stands for xiao long bao, or Chinese steamed buns. This Williams Avenue spot pairs the famous buns with flavorful broth and vinegary dipping sauce. You also can’t go wrong with the Shanghai noodles or shrimp wontons.

Homegrown Smoker

8638 N Lombard
(503) 477-7274

And here’s a new North Portland restaurant that is all veg, all the time. Homegrown Smoker serves plant-based comfort food like smoked tempeh ribs, seitan ham and cheese, and vegan chicken and bacon burritos. And you absolutely have to try the mac & no cheese.

Hungry yet?

With mouth-watering new North Portland restaurants like these, there are plenty of options next time you want to go out for a great meal. If you have your own recommendations, we’d love to hear them! We’re always on the lookout for delicious North Portland dining.

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