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Mel Marzahl is our newest broker here at Farrell Realty, and we’re thrilled to have her working with us! Read all about how she ended up in Portland, what she likes to do, and how she can help you if you’re looking to buy or sell a home.

Mel was living in Oakland, California, until a few months ago. Life was good—Mel worked for a start-up that serves homeowners, and she and her husband were enjoying their old home that they’d purchased and renovated.

But Mel, who grew up in “the middle of the woods” (as she says) just outside of Seattle, missed the Pacific Northwest. She missed the rain and she missed the forests. She wanted to live near her family again. And most of all, she was tired of the hustle and bustle of Oakland.

Portland is a natural fit for Mel. As someone who loves food (check), loves the outdoors (check), and loves music (check), it was an ideal choice. Whitney Peterson, one of our owners, worked with Mel and her husband as they searched for a home here in Portland.

About this time, Mel was thinking about how much owning her first home had changed her life. She was contemplating getting her property manager’s license but decided she’d rather get a real estate license instead. After completing her training and going to several interviews, she decided that our office’s close-knit atmosphere was just the right place for her to start her practice.

Mel’s especially looking forward to working with first-time home buyers because she knows how much of a difference homeownership can make in people’s lives. She’s also excited to work with sellers so she can help guide them through what is often an emotional time for people. Mel’s spent a lot of time working in jobs that required a high level of customer service, and she’s glad she can carry that experience over to her work in real estate.

Mel and her husband bought a house in Bull Mountain, just outside of Portland. It was built in the seventies but has had some updates done. Mel’s excited to do some more work on it to make it her own.

Mel likes to garden—she has a thriving herb garden. She also bought some chickens and built them a coop so she could have fresh eggs. The house is on half of an acre, perfect for Mel’s German Shepherd to run around outside.

Mel loves doing things outdoors with her husband and dog. She also loves to cook (mostly Italian food and brunch on the weekends). She loves good food and says Thai and Vietnamese food are her favorite.

We’re glad to have you as a broker with Farrell, Mel!

For more about Mel, check out her website, Facebook page, or Instagram page.

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