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Rosemary Chitala is an important part of our Farrell Realty family, and she has such an interesting background. She’s heavily involved in our community and is doing so many wonderful things to give back. Here’s everything you need to know about Rosemary.

Rosemary was a diesel mechanic for 13 years, working for California’s Department of Transportation. She was ready for a job change when her husband came to Portland to check out the possibility of opening up a Mexican bakery. Rosemary’s sisters had already moved here, and she was ready to be closer to them.

She decided to make the move to Portland without having ever been here, and she and her husband opened up that bakery, award-winning El Gordito on Lombard.

Rosemary was working at the bakery when she met an agent from Farrell, who recommended that she look into working with us. Rosemary was the perfect fit because she already had a lot of contacts in the community, and she is so good at working with people.

Rosemary specializes in helping first-time home buyers. She says her favorite thing about being a real estate agent is working with people who don’t think it’s possible for them to own a home. The pure joy they feel on the day of closing is a feeling that can’t be matched. She spends a lot of time educating people about buying a home and helping them decide how to do it.

About working as an agent at Farrell, Rosemary says, “It’s a family at Farrell. It was all about family from the first day I was at Farrell, and that’s why I haven’t left.”

Rosemary and her family have stayed in North Portland because they love that it’s such a tight-knit community. And she’s found some meaningful ways to give back to the community.

She and her family have been doing foster care for the past eight years. She’s a behavioral specialist, and she’s been taking in boys who have come out of the juvenile criminal system. They need a stable home with people to love them, and that’s something Rosemary and her family can provide.

She’s grateful for her husband and six children. They’re such a strong, loving family! They spend a lot of time together—they love to go camping and do active things as family. Rosemary also loves music.

Thanks for being part of our team, Rosemary! We think you’re wonderful, and it wouldn’t be the same here without you.

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