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If you live in the greater Portland metropolitan area and enjoy fresh and local produce, you’re in luck. Portland boasts many impressive farmers’ markets year-round, plenty of which showcase delectable fruits and vegetables, irresistible baked goods, unique artisan goods, and more. One of their most endearing qualities is that they offer a multitude of activities for every member of the family. While this won’t be an exhaustive list of all the gems found in the myriad of farmers’ markets that pop up every spring, summer and fall in Portland, we hope you find some helpful tips that will help guide you.

St. Johns Farmers Market

Since 2009, St. Johns Farmers Market has been supporting a local, sustainable food supply while providing opportunity for emerging farmers. St. Johns has everything you’d want from your local farmers’ market. It even supports the local community through a matching SNAP program and connections to nutrition and cooking classes. It’s located in a central St. Johns area at the St. Johns Plaza (N. Lombard and N. Philadelphia). Open Saturdays 9AM-2PM, May 18th through October 26th.

Portland State University Farmers Market

Located in the heart of downtown, PSU’s farmers’ market is buzzworthy, and for good reason. It proudly hosts a whopping 140 vendors and is home to chef demonstrations, food education events, and of course, live music, positioning it as an ideal location for all ages. It’s open nearly all year on Saturdays from 8:30am-2pm from April-October and 9am-2pm from November to March.

Montavilla Farmers Market

Situated uniquely in a red barn in the Southeast district of Portland off Stark St. and 78th, Montavilla’s Farmers’ Market is convenient for its proximity to coffee shops, restaurants, bars and yoga studios. With over 60 vendors, this market also offers a progressive food program designed to help everyone receive access to quality foods and ingredients.

Lloyd Farmers Market

You might associate farmers’ markets with the weekend. But what if we told you Lloyd Farmers Market is open on Tuesdays from 10am-2pm year-round andoffers food trucks? Looks like you just figured out what you’re doing on your next lunch break.

Cully Farmers Market

If you’re seeking a place to do your midweek grocery shopping with farm fresh produce, eggs, milk, meats, fresh baked breads and more, look no further than Cully Farmers Market. Listen to live music while you shop, indulge in fresh tamales, and check out the community table and pop-up library. Cully Farmers Market is open every Thursday 4-8pm from June-September on 42nd Avenue in the charming Alberta District.

Portland Farmers Market at King

In addition to Cully Farmers Market, the bustling Alberta district also possesses a delightful Sunday afternoon option in the form of Portland Farmers Market at King. Perhaps its main appeal is breakfast and lunch in front of live music, family-friendly cooking classes and 35 farmers and food artisans. This market is open Sundays 10am-2pm from May 5th-November 24th.

Lents International Market

Should you be seeking to taste in the innumerable flavors that permeate this world, you’ll certainly find something at the only internationally-focused market in Portland. With its unique approach to showcasing cuisines from around the world, it is a crucial home base for immigrant and new farmers, as well as new small food business owners. Come share in the fun and leave with a full belly this Sunday from 9am-2pm until November 24th (re-opens June 2nd).


While this list could truly stretch on for miles, it suffices to say that there are several quality farmers markets to experience virtually every day of the week, all with unique offerings. We encourage you to check one or several out, as there is truly something for every age. For more information on vendors, recipes, news and upcoming events at farmers markets near you, check out http://www.portlandfarmersmarket.org/.



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