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Marilyn Gruis has been a beloved part of our Farrell family for the last eighteen or so years, and we’ll miss her greatly now that she’s retired.

Marilyn began her real estate career in her sixties after spending most of her adult life working as a successful business owner. Then she decided to try her hand at real estate, and it turns out that it was a natural fit for her.

She started out not really knowing anything about real estate but dove in and learned all there was to know. She loved working with clients to get them into just the right house, no matter how long it took to do so.

Her favorite part of working in real estate was getting to work with her son for a time and also with her daughter for a time.

She also really appreciated the family atmosphere we have here at Farrell. When her daughter passed away after an illness, we were all here to make sure she was taken care of. Marilyn credits Mark Farrell with helping her through that very difficult time.

Marilyn has meant so much to all of us here, so it was only fitting that we throw her a fantastic retirement party to send her off.

It was such a wonderful night! Everyone dressed up and enjoyed the delicious food and the live music. Marilyn, thanks for all you brought to Farrell during your time here, and we wish you all the best in retirement.


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