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Farrell Realty is excited to welcome Cedric Huynh as a new member of the Farrell broker team! Cedric was born and raised in Portland and appreciates many aspects of the city – from the booming real estate market to the distinct seasons. With an affinity for North Portland, Cedric explains that the community in this part of the city is unlike any other in the greater Portland Metropolitan area. He says that at any given time, he can drive down the street and see at least one person he knows, something that has held true for the majority of his life. This, he says, makes him feel like he’s truly at home.

While going to school for Information Technology, Cedric decided to reevaluate and begin exploring a career in real estate. His family friend, Cindy Somsanith, is a broker at Farrell Realty and helped guide Cedric in his career. Cedric has been hard at work since deciding to become a broker and has recently obtained his real estate license in May of 2019.

Cedric has the brain of an entrepreneur. Most days, he says his mind is overactive with new ideas for business; a hunger that has proved helpful in his career thus far. This, he elaborates on, is what inspired him to explore new avenues for income in real estate.

Another one of Cedric’s inspirations is real estate agent and investor, Graham Stephan. After seeing Graham progress from becoming a successful agent to owning multiple rental investment properties, Cedric felt inspired. Combined with his background in sales, Cedric feels he can have tangible success as a broker. When asked what his favorite part of working in real estate is, he says, “I like the freedom that comes with working in real estate, and the idea of being an investor. I also value the equity you can gain from an appreciating market as a homeowner.

Cedric says he enjoys the small brokerage feel that Farrell Realty offers, and how everything is genuinely family-oriented. This makes him believe that he can make true and lasting connections both in his workplace and within the local real estate community. For this reason, Cedric sees himself being in North Portland for a long time. When he’s not working, you can find Cedric fiddling with his car or relaxing with his family and friends. We’re grateful to have him as a part of the Farrell team. 

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