Deanna Bean, Real Estate Broker

Deanna J. Bean started at Farrell Realty in 1990. Her down-to-earth, honest approach to real estate has put her front and center as a premier realtor. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, but still keeps it simple by focusing on the people she works with. Her clients most of whom are return business, love that Deanna’s both responsible and personable. “Deanna IS North Portland”. -one client said. (She says she’s just doing the best she can – and her best is amazing).

Deanna works hands-on each deal, and enjoys closing a home with everyone happy, including the agents. She says, “It’s satisfying and rewarding to know that I helped the people meet their goals,” and loves knowing that she’s an integral part of the process. She makes real estate easy to understand for her clients so that they’ll be comfortable making decisions. She excels at negotiations, writing offers for buyers, and presenting offers to sellers.

A proud mother of two children, Deanna loves occasional beach trips, kite flying, cooking, gardening, and appreciating Portland’s many rose gardens.