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Improvements that Add Value to Your Home in North Portland

Your home is an investment—a big one at that. And as an investment, you want it to grow and become more valuable over time. One of the best ways you can help increase your home’s value is by making improvements that increase its worth—kitchen and bathroom updates, as well as roof, window, and door repairs, are great choices. From small improvements that only cost $100 to huge $10,000 renovations, here’s a list of projects that will add value to your home in North Portland. Continue reading “Improvements that Add Value to Your Home in North Portland”

Can You Build an ADU in Portland?

Have you ever thought about building an ADU in Portland? (Psssst . . . that stands for accessory dwelling unit). You might know an ADU as a mother-in-law apartment, a granny flat, an in-law apartment, or maybe even a carriage house. No matter what you call it, if you think an extra living space would be perfect for you, here’s what you need to know if you want to build an ADU in Portland. Continue reading “Can You Build an ADU in Portland?”