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North Portland New Building Update

When news came of 50s-themed bowling alley, Interstate Lanes, closing, many of Portland’s serious bowlers were devastated. Having been around for nearly 90 years, Interstate Lanes was a big part of the North Portland community. It was known for its dated charm, cheap round (or two) of bowling, and the best potato wedges on the block. Some members of the Farrell Realty team remember it as a “classic bowling alley” with everything you’d need from pool tables to cosmic bowling on the weekends. 

What was once a space that provided entertainment for the local bowling community has been replaced by an apartment complex. Ryan Miyahira of Ankrom Moison Architects filed a permit to build, which features a brand new five-story building and features 174 units with 63 tuck-under parking spaces. While the bowling alley is certainly missed, the apartment complex has invited substantial and important revenue into the community. 

If you’re still seeking a vintage bowling experience, consider the Viking Gameroom. Located in the basement of PSU and open to the public everyday except Sunday, this bowling alley has proven to be a fun and cost-effective alternative, featuring billiards, video games, and six lanes of regulation bowling. 


The Most Haunted Places in North Portland

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, the leaves are falling, and there’s a spooky chill in the air. You can almost feel Halloween coming. This means it’s time to find the most haunted places in North Portland!

North Portland has plenty of 20th-century buildings that have been the locations of North Portland’s dark and twisted past. This October, be sure to check out some of the most haunted places in North Portland–that is, if you’re not too scared!

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Historic North Portland: Then and Now

Every neighborhood in North Portland has its special quirks that make it unique. Historic North Portland is no exception. Amidst the constant influx of new residents and speedy construction of high rises with modernist design, there are countless 19th and early 20th century gems that keep historic North Portland seemingly suspended in its charming past. Here are some great locations the National Register of Historic Places has listed right here in North Portland!

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