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The Latest and Greatest in Coffee: Portsmouth Pantry in North Portland

Heidi and Scott have lived in Portsmouth for quite some time. They’re invested in making their community better, a place where people can form strong bonds with each other. This is one of the reasons they opened up their new café, Portsmouth Pantry, at the corner of North Lombard and Haven. Here’s what Heidi had to say about her new adventure as an owner of Portsmouth Pantry in North Portland.
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The Arbor Lodge Coffee House

The Arbor Lodge coffee house is, by design, much more than your run-of-the-mill coffee house. It’s a place for the residents of Arbor Lodge and its surrounding commuter communities. It’s designed to be a place that draws people together so that all can experience the benefits of being part of a community in a cozy, welcoming space. Read more about what makes The Arbor Lodge a great place to connect with other people in your neighborhood (and to get coffee, as well). Continue reading “The Arbor Lodge Coffee House”

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